Looking for reliable and trusted ExpressionEngine Developers?

If so, nice to meet you. We have been developing ExpressionEngine sites for over 7 years which has accumulated in dozens of successful builds for our clients large and small.

Start Up, blogger, small business or corporation? We have you covered. Our clients are located across the world with modern communication channels, making it all possible. If you want to meet us in person, then even better… You are welcome to pop in to our office for a chat (and a coffee) at anytime.

ExpressionEngine is fabulous. It provides a flexible and powerful system, whilst making it very easy for you to update your website. Let’s face it however, developing ExpressionEngine sites is complicated and it takes patience to learn. That’s where we come in, with our experience we can build sites on budget and on time.

We can undertake all kinds of ExpressionEngine work such as upgrades, consulting, maintenance and support, e-commerce, search marketing and custom add on development.

ExpressionEngine Development For an industry leading content management system solution for your Houston-based organization, look no further than ExpressionEngine. When your website is powered by this software and maintained by the professional software engineers at Softway Solutions, you’ll instantly grow your presence online and increase your return on investment.

ExpressionEngine development in Houston is easier than ever with the team that has led the industry for the past several years. We’re committed to helping Houston businesses grow and prosper using state-of-the-art technology and some innovative web savvy.


What is ExpressionEngine?

Built on an open-source platform, ExpressionEngine goes beyond what most content management systems are able to accomplish. Because there is a dedicated group of people continually providing updates and improvements, Houston ExpressionEngine development of your website will always be fresh and inviting to new and returning audiences.

With the our design team utilizing this ever-growing CMS, you’ll be able to leave your competition in the dust, whether you’re vying for paying customers in the real world or web traffic in the digital world.

Integration Potential with Your Business

If you conduct any business in Houston via the Internet, ExpressionEngine integration is the perfect way to grab a new audience while keeping your existing audience coming back for more. With this integration, you can:

Build a community that builds you: Allowing users to comment and post their own reviews on a product or service can help you become more visible in major search engines. With custom designs and layouts by us architects who keep search engine optimization in mind, you’ll be able to expand your traffic through the keywords your customers use in your forums. It’s like free advertising on Google and Yahoo! whenever somebody searches for products similar to yours.

Total customization: Our Softway Solutions designers have been in the business for many years, and we’ve created some of the most innovative web designs for Houston companies. When you call our offices, you’ll be put in touch with a dedicated program manager who will stick with you until your project is complete. By communicating directly with a project manager for the length of your project, you’ll be able to voice your opinions, ideas, and goals to someone with a direct impact on the project itself.

Social media and RSS: The web moves along according to social media these days, so let our experts integrate the most popular networking tools like Twitter, Facebook, Digg and Reddit into your website powered with ExpressionEngine development in Houston. When your customers use these tools to talk about your products, you’re getting free word-of-mouth advertising at the speed of light.

Professional Experience, Professional Service

Our solution is not only excels in setting up your content management system, we excel at the content itself. Our designers are highly adept at creating the web’s most interested Flash and 3D animations, videos, audio, advertising campaigns and more to give your website some extra pizzazz. We successfully build entire online solutions from user-friendly front-ends to powerful and comprehensive back-ends that work together seamlessly to give your users an online experience they’ve never had before.